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Pilates Body LA provides SAFE private training & semi-private classes using Cadillacs, Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Magic Circles, MOTR and low impact Jump Board to keep your heart and your joints healthy and happy.

  • Has the L.A. lifestyle of driving, sitting, writing, texting and typing led to muscular pain in your neck, back, shoulders or hips?  
  • Do you have a hard time engaging your abs or glutes?
  • Are your shoulders rolling forward due to bad posture?
  • Can you no longer sit up straight, without a struggle due to tight hamstrings, and a weak core and back?  

Summer created Pilates Body LA after the LA lifestyle of commuting, desk work, a bad back and lack of sleep from discomfort drove her to find, master and to teach a safe modality of exercise that would not injure the back/neck due to extreme spinal flexion (leaning forward).  Summer created a Classical/Contemporary/Occupational Pilates hybrid that accommodates all body types, and keeps the focus on supporting weak or injured areas of the body at all times.  

All shapes and sizes can enjoy moving and exercising their body again, whether it be in a private or semi private setting.  Summer focuses not only on form inside the studio, but on teaching you how to apply it to daily life outside of the studio, as well.  Showing you how to properly and safely bend, sit up, pick up items from the floor, drive with proper posture, and to stand properly without locking out your knees. 

STUDIO LOCATIONS:   Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and Venice, CA:

  • Yasmin Pilates in Marina del Rey/Venice, CA on Washington Blvd (9 mins from Ocean Park/Santa Monica) provides Gratz based Reformers, Cadillacs, Wunda Chairs, Electric Chair, High Barrel and many other Pilates props for your privates, duos and trios.   $79 Privates, $40 Group Class, $50 duos.  $5 off per class/private lessons when you purchase a 10 pack, good for up to 6 months and transferable. 


  • Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel's Ocean Spa and Fitness in Santa Monica, CA is the home of our Pilates Mat classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm, and Wednesday and Friday at 12pm (noon). Provided for members of the Ocean Spa & Fitness Center ($150 individuals and $130 per person for couples) as well as visiting guests of the Loews Hotel.  Join this exclusive gym and spa for free classes, beachside heated pool/hot tub, sauna and steam rooms. Classes are free with your monthly membership!  

  • Pilates on Pico in Santa Monica, CA is our completely PRIVATE westside Pilates studio, located on Pico and Main street at 216 Pico Blvd.  You won't find other instructors or teachers in the studio, because it's all yours for 60 mins.  Bring your own music, if you have tunes that inspires you! Privates here are $85 a session with only you and your trainer in the studio.  This completely private Balance Body studio houses a Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and 3 Reformers. 

  • The Moving Joint in Mar Vista, CA is a Balanced Body Pilates Studio with indoor and outdoor reformers, Gyrotonics, and mat classes.  Privates at the beautiful studio are $80 for privates.  Discounts on 5 and 10 packs are also available at $750 for a 10 pack and $385 for 5 packs.